A new season of evangelism fruitfulness at Toronto Vineyard

My wife Michelle and I are coming full circle and are being restored back into ministry at a whole new level. 24 years ago when I started in full time ministry the Lord lead me to the Toronto Vineyard. During that season Michelle and I were also married. Now 23 years later the TV has graciously and very generously opened up a door for me to assist them into coming into a new season of evangelistic fruitfulness.

For the next 6 months June to November 2015 I will be teaching on evangelism every other Sunday morning and we will be going out every Sunday afternoon 1-5pm loving people, praying for the sick, prophetically speaking into people’s lives and sharing the good news in High Park, Bloor West Village, along the Lakeshore and door to door in the community. If you would like to get more equipped yourself in seeing the love and power of God flow through you. Then come down and join us for a Sunday? Get equipped and empowered while you help us reach out to our community. We meet at the Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Avenue, Toronto ON M6S 3H9 at 10:00am. See www.torontovineyard.org for more information?

A new era has begun, announcement from MorningStar Europe

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Bob Jones, one of the most accurate prophets of the last century and a close companion and spiritual ‘father’ to many of our friends. A number of years ago the Lord told Bob that he would not die until he had seen the beginnings of a move of God that would bring one billion souls into the Kingdom. We believe this move has begun.

This morning we read an email* which tells how Kathie Walters, a Christian Minister from the USA had phoned Bob in 2009. He told her, “I have a word for an old man in Wales and you were just in his house.” “That must be Arthur Burt,” she said as that was the only older man whose house she had been in. Bob didn’t know who Arthur Burt was at that time. “What’s the word?” she asked. “Tell him, he will see the word,” Bob said. “He will see what word?” she asked.”Bob said ” I don’t know, you will have to ask him what word he received. He received it years ago. It was given to a group of people and they are all dead now except for him. But tell him he will see it.”

Kathie then called the prophet Arthur Burt in North Wales (who incidentally lives not far from our MorningStar Europe base in Chester). Arthur told her that he had heard a prophecy in 1937 that he has carried with him since. He told her that the rest of the group that received the word were no longer living, just like Bob had prophesied. Arthur told Kathie that he kept the word in his pocket, it was so important to him. Bob had said that Arthur would see the word. Arthur is now 102 years old.

Here is the word that was given to Arthur Burt in 1930…


Apparently, Bob Jones, speaking at a conference in 2009 [and again in 2011], said the FLOODS are movements of the Lord, the Torrents have to do with the end time revival of a BILLION people which the Lord told Bob about in 1975 (that would begin before Bob died). A Torrent is a river in extreme flood that cannot be stopped.

We know all about torrents and floods in the UK at the moment!! Currently the UK is experiencing an unprecedented amount of rain and gale force winds. There is severe flooding across the UK; the rain just keeps coming in torrents and thousands of people have been evacuated or are without power due to the intense winds and flooding. On 12 February we were hit by high winds of up to 100mph as we were in the midst of our first healing workshop at Little Mollington Hall. The main road that our retreat centre is on was blocked by fallen trees. The main M6 motorway closed and many trains across the country were cancelled. Could this extreme weather be a sign of the beginning of a great move of God in this land? We believe it is. This is from www.morningstareurope.org


Does the church get raptured before the 7 year tribulation or at the end? This is an extremely important Biblical study. Most of the evangelical church in the western world believes the rapture will happen before. Which was the doctrinal position I held too until most of the prophets I met believed other wise. This deeply disturbed me until I had a prophetic experience that took me into the future where I witnessed the joy, love and power of the Holy Spirit that will be upon the end time church that will make us unstoppable, loving not our lives even unto death. This vision gave me tremendous faith and took away all my fear.

Mike Bickle founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City gives an overview of the book of Revelation that outlines a Biblical perspective that is worth our consideration. This is an extremely important overview that will give you insight and perspective. I encourage to watch the video and download the PDF overview by Mike. Please study the scriptures to see if what you believe is correct? You could be wrong? We need to hear what the Spirit is saying. Please study the scriptures for yourself and let me know your thoughts?

Overview of Book of Revelation by Mike Bickle Video

Awakening in England prophecy through the Spirit of Prayer

At the International House of Prayer in Kansas City there was a powerful breakthrough in the Holy Spirit during an intercession session led by Julie Meyer that was archived on November 25, 2013. It was prophesied that a revival and awakening is coming to England that is going to be greater than John Wesley, George Whitefield and Smith Wigglesworth. This awakening is going to be released through the Spirit of Prayer. The Holy Spirit emphasized that there are houses of prayer that are arising and fires that are starting all over the land and in Europe through prayer. We are also exhorted to watch Britain and told that America will not be forgotten.

There is a powerful release of the Spirit of Prayer and faith to believe God. The Holy Spirit said, “That if you cry out for the Spirit of Prayer He would give it. If you cry out for awakening you will receive it”.

During this prayer session I was gripped by the Spirit of Prayer (which is the Holy Spirit) and I received the His empowerment to pray (Gal 4:6, Rom 8:26, Zech 12:10). Since being touched by the Spirit of Prayer in this way I have been praying almost non stop since then for awakening and revival in England.  I am confident that if you will watch this session and cry out to God, He will touch you as well. I have listened to this session and prayed along with it over and over again. It is a catalyst for awakening. The prophecy starts at 1:10 into recording and the Holy Spirit accelerates what He is saying right up to the end.

If you want to receive awakening and the Spirit of Prayer? I urge you to click on link below and watch and pray through the whole session. You will receive a Spirit of Prayer with faith to believe for awakening as you cry out for it. Revival is coming soon, it is scheduled in the Spirit for Britain.  Watch, pray, receive.




Ministry begins by a consultation that can be done over the phone, Skype or in person. This provides you an opportunity to get to know Peter Byers personally and for him to hear your heart.

The goal is then to assess what you have done in the past that has been successful and what has not worked evangelistically. To learn what your hopes and vision is for the future.

Then together we can hear what God is saying about how we can equip and mobilize your local church or ministry into much greater fruitfulness in reaching the lost and adding them to the church.

We will discuss a strategy of how to strengthen what God is already doing and how to start new initiatives based upon the vision and resources of your own people.



First we want strengthen individuals devotional prayer lives, igniting passion and hunger to seek God will all their hearts daily as the main pursuit of their lives.


Catching the vision and passion to pray for everyone, everywhere, all the time as a lifestyle.


Corporately stirring up faith and hunger to pray together in agreement to see massive results. We want to see your prayer meetings grow in power and in participation with your people.


We want to introduce a strategy called Prayer Evangelism that was pioneered by Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism. By sharing this city and nation transformation strategy our objective is to see pastors and Christian leader receive this vision to see their communities transformed.

This strategy has seen communities and nations go from a very small percentage of Christians to more than 45% born again.

This is done through developing unity of relationship amongst Christian leaders throughout the community and region. By building relationships, caring for and praying in unity for breakthrough.

Then holding city wide worship events.

Refocusing or planting prayer cell groups that adapt a prayer strategy of systematically praying for every home around them.

Teaching and Practicing Prayer Evangelism Principals

  1. Blessing everyone where ever you go.
  2. Fellowshipping with not yet believers.
  3. Praying for and meeting felt needs of the lost.
  4. Sharing the gospel.

Strategic prayer over the city and region is done by mature intercessors as church in the city is unified and every home is systematically saturated in prayer.

After strategic prayer we carry out city wide evangelism events. Our team and apostolic network can help facilitate this.



Practical outreach strategies are communicated for all 7 streams of evangelism which are for Children, Teens, Young Adults, Family, The Streets, Door to Door and for Seniors.

After the congregation hears many exciting and practical ways they can reach out to each stream. People are encouraged to indicate which stream they feel most called toward and the end of the message.

Then we a have a strategy development session with everyone who is interested along with the leadership team. Where we hear what is on the hearts of the people. Together with the leadership I facilitate this meeting.

Together we hear their ideas and find out who else would be interested in their strategies. We brain storm together. If the leadership approves then we could help to facilitate this new evangelism strategy to get it up and going.

My experience has shown that people will strengthen existing ministries and start new ones based upon peoples own vision and passion. The goal is to have more labourers for the harvest. Resulting in lost people coming to Jesus and being added to the local church.


People will be equipped on how to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit in evangelism in words of knowledge, words of wisdom and in prophetic revelation.

Based upon the Biblical model of Jesus, Philip, Ananias, Paul, Peter and illustrated by myself. You will see how the Holy Spirit directs us:

  1. In physical directions
  2. Toward specific people
  3. In wisdom of what to do and say

The Holy Spirit speaks the same way he did in the Bible through:

Impressions, the still small voice, circumstances, scripture, physical pain in your body that is not yours, dreams, visions, angels and by speaking audibly.

The most common way the Holy Spirit speaks to us on a daily basis is through impressions. When you receive an impression that comes with conviction (a strong feeling that the Holy Spirit may be speaking to you).  All you do is step out in faith on that impression.

Immediate obedience and being willing to be wrong are both keys to growing in effectiveness in prophetic evangelism.

For example if you feel an impression that you are to witness to someone in particular. Simply step out in faith and approach the individual by being friendly. Initiate a conversation by saying “hi”.  If the Holy Spirit empowers your conversation naturally without striving then it was Him. If the Holy Spirit does not give you the words to say, simply say “have a great day” and move on.

The more you step out in faith the more you will learn to recognize His voice in every area of life.

To equip believers we teach from scripture and share personal experiences,  so your people will be encouraged and grow in faith.

There will also be times of impartation, personal ministry and activation to everyone following the teaching. As a result people will be empowered to witness.


I will share my life vision of seeing end time forerunners living and moving in apostolic power in seeing people saved and healed everywhere they go like Peter the apostle experienced in Acts 5.  People will be encouraged to press in for this with all their hearts.

We will teach people how to function in spiritual gifts, heal the sick and cast out demons. Through teaching and impartation our goal is to have your people exercising spiritual gifts like words of knowledge and praying for the sick in Jesus name and seeing them healed.


After prayer and teaching we always do outreach locally as the spirit directs.

Weekly outreaches are established based upon the strategy that the Lord raises up with your own people.

Large city wide events can be planned and implemented with the assistance of our apostolic network.

Short term missions team experiences will be made available to further mobilize your people to get involved in the great commission.



Peter has an incredible strong evangelistic, discipling and equipping gifting. His effective public preaching and prophetic mantle is very evident. The ministry of Peter flows out of a vastly deep intimacy with God. I have personally witnessed and marveled at his disciplined contemplative life. Peter is a genuine and unique gift to the body of Christ. If you have the opportunity to utilize this young man of God, do so!

David Barnum, Motivational Speaker, Massena, New York

This is to certify that I have personally known Mr. Peter Byers and worked with him closely during his time in the Orient. He has proven to be a humble, committed and responsible worker in the Kingdom of God. Mr. Byers truly has a concern for the lost and will do everything within his capacity to reach the unreached. He has endured much hardship for the sake of the Gospel. It has been my privilege to have worked with him and learn from him. I highly recommend him as a minister of the Gospel. Any church, home group or missions organization would be blessed to have him minister to their people. Peter is an evangelist, teacher, overseas missions coordinator and missions spokesman. I encourage you to prayerfully consider Peter’s God give talents and exploit  it for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Guine Anderson, Harvest Now, Humble, Texas USA

It’s with joy that I write this letter of recommendation to you in regards to Peter Byers and any work he would do among you to evangelize the lost. Peter assisted me here at Metro for nearly 1 year at his own expense. He spearheaded an evangelism team which is still up and running. I watched him work hard and pray hard with little support from those around him initially. I believe perseverance was the strongest character trait Peter manifested during this time. His heart for Jesus and those who are lost is unquestionable and his zeal always encouraged me. I also found Peter very teachable.

Scott Guinta, Metro Vineyard Fellowship, Kansas City, MO USA

We just wanted to thank you for the great job you did at Harry’s Hay Days. What a tremendous blessing to see so many souls saved! Thanks for having the vision to plan the event, and then following through so effectively. It’s an inspiration to all of us.

Donald Steadman, Metro Vineyard Fellowship, Kansas City, MO USA

Ours is a charismatic evangelical Anglican Church, in many ways at the forefront of renewal in the South West of England. We have good links with Metro Vineyard Fellowship in Kansas City, USA. It was through this link that I first became aware of the ministry of Peter and Michelle Byers. My wife and I developed a friendship with the Byers immediately, in many ways we share the same vision for evangelism and renewal.

Peter was able to come alongside some of our present outreach activities and proved very useful practical and experiential input. We did a series of talks on personal and strategic evangelism to our Church membership, at the culmination of which Peter came and shared something of his vision and style. His passion for Jesus is infectious.

He was also able to impart a great deal of enthusiasm to our people. Many reported afterward that they felt more empowered for personal witnessing as a result of the visit.

I have maintained close connections with Peter since they moved a little distance away to Yeovil. He has been able to continue to advise and counsel me, to give direction as to planning, preparing, praying and practice for revival! They are a wonderful family, I hold their integrity, honesty, sensitivity and zeal for God in the highest regard.

They are very gifted and seem to have a good awareness to the difference cultural paradigms is place here in the UK from their background and while not being restricted by that, look to present the gospel (or equip others to) in a relevant, fresh and exciting way.

Someone has said, “If people don’t know what your passion is, you haven’t got one.” No one who knows the Byers could doubt their heart for this country and their strategic place in God’s purpose for the South West. My only regret is that they don’t come to our Church. I commend them wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Anthony Delaney, Previously St Andrews Church, Cullompton, Devon, UK.

Now Ivy Manchester, UK

Peter and Michelle are Canadians and have had a sense of calling to this country for many years. They joined Yeovil Community Church last year and we have benefited greatly form their service among us. Peter has been involved leading people to faith and in nurturing new christians and we are particularly using him to help train and equip our members in friendship evangelism. He has a teaching and equipping ministry and he is especially gifted in training churches in evangelism. He has already been highly effective in serving in this way with other churches with whom we have connections and we are glad to endorse his ministry. We believe that Peter and MIchelle are a gift from God to us at his time and we warmly commend their ministry to you.

David Bishop, Yeovil Community Church, Yeovil, Somerset UK

Pete Byers gave our Fellowship some very helpful teaching on personal evangelism. His teaching style is lively, with many illustrations drawn from his personal experience. He is humorous and entertaining, but always in order to make a serious point and hold the attention of his listeners. He is clearly a gifted evangelist, totally sold out for Jesus.

Our church (mainly 20s – 40s) warmed up to him, and we all much appreciated his visits. We would happily have him again. I commend him to you as able young leader, teacher and evangelist. He has a good attitude to the local pastors, submitting his ministry to them. He also had some impressive and encouraging words of knowledge for individual members of the church.

Stephen Abbott, Fellowship of the King, Bristol

Peter Byers has been on staff with us at Crossfire Assembly. Peter has an evangelistic call on his life and we have seen the power of God flowing through him. God has been breaking and moulding him and I believe his ministry is expanding under God’s direction. He will be used mightily by God.

Roy Pierce, Crossfire Assembly, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much for your recent visits to Dayspring Church. They have really helped launch our 12 month strategy for evangelism. Many people have become discouraged, even cynical about evangelism, but your input has released fresh hope, ideas and enthusiasm.You gave many pointer for people to grow in their personal witness but the sessions, perhaps for the first time, equipped midweek group leaders and others for forming their own strategy for outreach. In addition your teaching on prayer evangelism has helped folk connect these 2 areas (prayer and evangelism) and there is a growing sense of anticipation as we launch neighbourhood prayer cells. As well as all the teaching, your prayer for individuals, as well as your prophetic gift , have also had a deep impact in individuals lives. I would be very glad to recommend your valuable contribution to any church leader who might be considering asking you. The combination of motivation, practical training and prayer impartation is very welcome and most effective.

Clive Orchard, Dayspring Church, Exeter, Devon UK

The weekend was a considerable success. It has established the thrust of Church into Prayer Evangelism and cause the Church to desire to see more Holy Spirit-Word of Knowledge type of evangelism. The prophetic words that Peter brought were both far reaching and accurate in details unknown to him. They have planted a hunger in God’s people to see the prophetic side of the message come about in their lives. Peter carries a strong anointing, and we would strong recommend him to others.

David Ward, Highway Church, Penryn, Cornwall UK

It was very encouraging to have Peter with us for the home-group leaders evening where he taught on the theme “Hearing and obeying the voice of God”. He was inspiring and challenging and the whole group were blessed as he prayed with each on speaking into their lives. It was a evening where people were refreshed and strengthened in serving God.

Bob Kilpatrick, Blandford Evangelical Church, Blandford, Dorset UK

We have no hesitation in commenting on your ministry and recommending it. We perceived that you have an anointing in Evangelism and the ability to communicating it on at level that would be an encouragement to most people. The need to strategize was helpful and I am sure it will bare fruit. Your ability and enthusiasm was there for all to see. We were also encouraged by your prophetic gifting, which we was a bring a needy ministry these days.

David Readett, The Community Church,  Birmingham, UK

Peter was recommended to me by Dave Bishop of Yeovil Community Church. Peter has shared in four Sunday morning and one mid week meeting. His teaching has centered on Evangelism and he has been a great encouragement to many of our folk and has helped the church to focus on a number of evangelism initiatives that look very promising. Peter has drawn these ideas from the membership of the church and encouraged folk to see these initiatives set up. He has been very supportive to the leadership team within the church and has been willing to work with the team during the moth that he has been with us. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other churches and know that any church which is open to Holy Spirit will benefit from his ministry.

Ivor Ashman, Somerton Christian Fellowship, Somerton, Somerset UK

In the fall 1992 we engaged Peter Byers for approximately six weeks for the expressed purpose of motivating & equipping our congregation for evangelism. Peter’s involvement included preaching/teaching on Sundays (6 messages) and at mid-week service (7 sessions) as well as specific on the job training for those interested in street/mall evangelism and door to door work. Peter’s burden for the lost came through powerfully.

For a young man, he has a wealth of personal experience in one-to-one evangelism. This provided him with credibility in the eyes of our people. They were eager to learn and to catch his vision. Many came to every session. Response to involvement in various forms of evangelism was also encouraging. A follow up “Friends Day” service drew about 70 first time visitors. I recommend Peter Byers to any church looking to instill a fresh vision and to initiate creative strategies to reach their community for Jesus.

Bob Stephens, Willowdale Pentecostal Church, Willowdale, Ontario Canada.

Now Campus Crusade for Christ, Kansas City, MO USA

Back in the early 80’s I was an adult sponsor for the youth ministry of my home church. We met in a high school gymnasium one night, and there were a lot of visitors. Have some responsibility for the group so I was a little concerned to see what I believed to be a tough, street-wise drug dealer circulation among the teens. He had long blond hair, tanned skin, big biceps and boy was he cool. I watched him closely for the whole night, convinced that the devil was trying to infiltrate our youth ministry. Not much later, the youth pastor introduced me to this suspicious character, telling me that he was, in fact, a brother and a friend. Since that night, I have come to know Pete Byers as a friend, a man who loves God will all his heart and whose desire is to serve him in any way possible.

It was my pleasure to recommend Pete to you for ministry. I know his heart for the mission field and for evangelism, and it inspires me. I have had him address my young adults group, and they caught an enthusiasm and creativity for winning souls that they otherwise could not have had. His passion is communicated with a style that is infectious! I am impressed by this guy; he has learned from that great teacher, Experience. Peter is a man of character and integrity. He has demonstrated to me that there is no cost to great to follow God’s calling. I know that he will bring a fresh perspective on evangelism and missions to your church. I know that he will challenge your convictions and courage. And, Pete will certainly entertain you as he does.

George Werner, Calvary Pentecostal Church, Cambridge.

Now Next Level International, Madrid, Spain

I have know Peter Byers since 1984. We both attended Eastern Pentecostal Bible College and from day one I knew the hand of God was upon him. Peter has a deep passion for God and a tremendous burden for souls. Peter Byers is a gifted evangelist with motivational skills. Peter has preached for us here at Howard Park, and I have worked with him at evangelistic crusades, where God has used him in a mighty way. Peter is a man of prayer, burdened for the lost, therefore I recommend him for any evangelistic or missionary work whether on the field or from a local church.

Dino Andreadis, Howard Park Pentecostal Church, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Now, Christian Centre Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I met Peter in 1992  at he Canada Arise worship conference in Toronto. He shared with me his heart for the Lord and his desire to see people come to Christ. Later that year he became a member of our church. In the year the Peter was with us I found him to be full of desire to serve God. He became more active as we got to know each other and participated in the training and evangelistic portions of our Taking it to the Street conference in July 1993. We also had the opportunity to have Peter speak at the church and found him to be a gifted teacher as well as an evangelist.

Although his ministry gifting was apparent the thing I appreciated most about Peter was his honesty and humility. Peter has a willingness to learn and to be a team player. In this I found him to be as blessed in his character as he is gifted in ministry. As you are probable aware the two often to not go together. Peter has a great future in the Lord.

I highly recommend Peter and the ministry that God has given him to you. If you have the opportunity to have him minister with you I’m sure that he will be as great a benefit to you as he was to us.

Tony Romano, Downtown Vineyard Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Peter Byers has been an integral part of our Launching Pad Ministries program and Missions Institute for several years. I have had the opportunity to work with him here in Canada as well as overseas and have observed in him a giftedness to do what he is call to…missions. Personally Peter is of excellent integrity and spirit. Ministerially, he is a terrific communicator to the Word both in teaching and preaching skills. I highly recommend to you his ministry.

Lee Primeau, Midpark Christian Assembly, Calgary, Alberta Canada

I have had the privilege of knowing Peter and Michelle for about six years now since they were with us in Uganda equipping and mobilizing and helping us reaching out to our community here in Kampala, Uganda. Peter and Michelle were part of a team who helped us to go into High Schools as well as help us put together our Home Bible Study groups which are now a very vital part of our congregation.

Both Peter and Michelle love the Lord with a great passion and desire to serve him reaping as much fruit as possible. They are both people of prayer and are committed to God’s plan for their lives. Both of them work together well with others and understand team dynamics. Both Peter and Michelle have has an impact in our lives and our ministry through their faithfulness over the years and I don’t hesitate for one second to do anything but recommend them wholeheartedly to whoever they might be able to use them in the work of the Lord.

Gary M Skinner, Kampala Pentecostal Church, Kampala Uganda


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