Call to England

Concerning our call to England. It began over two decades ago in 1991 while I was taking a YWAM school of evangelism in Honolulu. I had just talked to a leader about what I was going to do after I completed that school. He said to me, “You know what you are called to do, just pray about where?” As I was walking away thinking about where. I heard the Lord’s voice out loud (audibly) speak to me. He said, “England, write the national director (YWAM) and share with him your vision.”

So I wrote Laurence Singlehurst (YWAM’s England national director at the time, whom I did not know). Laurence told me that an hour before receiving my letter he prayed with his national counsel asking God to send them an equipping evangelist to do what I had just him written about.

Laurence then invited me to come and meet with him and some other leaders. While I was in there in England. I asked the Lord why He was calling me to England? He spoke immediately, “It is to receive the inheritance promised to my forefathers.”

I was invited to work with YWAM in the southwest, so I then prepared to move to England in spring of 1992. As I was getting ready to do so, I received a dream. In the dream I was traveling around itinerating with my wife and I was in shock at how quickly I was married. The girl in the dream was my friend Michelle who was then a missionary in the Philippines. I submitted the dream to my leaders and they counseled me to wait until Michelle came home that summer, court her, get engaged and then married. Then go to England a year or two later. Which is what I did.

While waiting to go to England and I started making myself available to help churches in the area of evangelism. Although, I had a lot of favour of my denomination the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), I felt the Lord direct me to go the Downtown Vineyard in Toronto, so in obedience I went even though we were completely unknown by that movement.

Three months after Michelle and I were married in September 1993.  The Lord said to me one morning that He was going to do something different. A couple hours later I received a phone call and an invitation to come on staff at Crossfire Assembly in Hamilton as an evangelist. This was a inner city church plant that was with the PAOC, but its DNA was was much more like a Vineyard. I told the pastors of Crossfire our plans were to go to England in one year and everyone was good with that.

After one year in Hamilton we planned to come to England, but the Lord impressed upon my wife that He was going to take us some where else first. I gave the Lord a date saying that if I had only half of our support raised by August 8th I would be open to something else first. If I had more that half I would not be open. On August 8th we had exactly half. Two days later we were invited by Mike Bickle to come to Kansas City to be interns at Metro Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Mike’s plan was for us to help them evangelistically while we were being trained in the prophetic for a season until the Lord released us to go to England.

Our plan was to leave for Kansas City at the end of October two weeks after the Catch the Fire conference in 1994. During ministry team preparation at that conference my previous pastor Rick Wright from the Glendale Vineyard laid his hands on me and imparted his anointing into my life.  At that point in the conference the Holy Spirit deeply touched me.  For 4.5 weeks after that I shook violently day and night with the power of God flowing through me. During this visitation I saw visions daily. When I looked at people God would give me revelation about their lives. Several times I would receive prophetic revelation for everyone in the room wherever I was.

I had this level of prophetic revelation before, but not daily. Therefore, we believed that it was God’s provision and foresight that we were invited to go Kansas City. The church there had lots of experience in understanding the prophetic. Before going both Randy Clark and Mark Dupont prophesied over me in that season that God was bringing the evangelistic and prophetic anointing together in me.

As interns at Metro Vineyard Christian Fellowship we raised up a small evangelism team of about 12 leaders. With our team we mobilized larger numbers of volunteers to participate for our weekly events. Our focus was to pray for strategy and then step out in faith and do whatever the Holy Spirit told us to do. The Lord directed us to target local community events as participants and to go to different locations to present the gospel through, music, drama, preaching, literature and servant evangelism.

Our strategy was to target these community events and locations in prayer at the corporate prayer meetings. We prayed for favour and for the release of the Holy Spirits convicting saving power. The Lord was really faithful to give us favour to be part of local community events. We were given permission to present the gospel through, music, drama and preaching with our full sound system inside and outside shopping malls, Hypermart and parks. During this season we equipped and mobilized the saints resulting in a lot of people saved and added to the church.

Part of the vision that the Lord gave me at Metro Vineyard was what I called a 50/50 vision. Which meant in an ideal world as evangelists we would spend 20 hours in prayer and 20 hours in various evangelistic endeavors each week.

When I left Kansas City I had entrusted our little evangelism team to one of our leaders. Fourteen years later, I learnt that our strategy was continued by the Forerunner Evangelism department of IHOP in Kansas City. With their main evangelistic events being the same ones we started and that every full time evangelist spent 20 hours in prayer and 20 hours in outreach as part of that forerunner evangelism department. They call it their 20/20 vision.

I believe this is to be a model for houses of prayer globally. To have a dual focus of prayer and evangelism in balance. Both are equally important to fulfill the great commission.

During our 11 months in Kansas City we received many prophecy’s about what God was calling us to do in England. The Holy Spirit gave us detailed dreams and prophecies by accurate prophet’s including Jill Austin, Jim Goll, Paul Cain and David Dreiling.

The Lord spoke to me and told me the exact day we were to leave for England. He also said prophetically that we would be in the southwest of England first and then in the northeast.

One month before leaving Kansas City I received a dream that is worth mentioning. In the dream I had just arrived in Torquay to work with YWAM. When we arrived some challenging circumstances happened in the dream and the door closed. As I wondering about what to do about this in the dream a thought came to my mind. “There was always Ichthus in London.” This was strange thought for me because I had no idea what Ichthus in London meant.

Two weeks later a young man named Chris Mitchell from London England came to visit Metro Vineyard. When we meet Chris, he invited us to visit him in London when we were there. He also told us his parents Roger and Sue Mitchell were senior leaders with Ichthus in London. It was a divine set up.

As I previously mentioned, the Holy Spirit had told me the exact day we were to leave Kansas City. He instructed me that we were to go back to Canada to attend the Catch the Fire conference in Toronto 1995 and leave for England the next day. The last day of this conference I sat beside Sue Davis.  I also noticed on her name tag that she was from Devon UK. Sue told us she lived in a town just outside Torquay where we were moving to the next day. She then invited us to stay at her house until we got settled.

On the plane to England I told Michelle that I was believing for a 1-2 bedroom flat, but  then the Holy Spirit said, “You need to believe me for a 3 bedroom house.” So I said back to Him. “Well then, I am believing for a brand new English tutor home, large enough for all of our furniture and with a nursery painted yellow.”

When we arrived in Torquay we looked at every rental available. There was nothing suitable. We then asked the agent if there was anything else. He said their was one property, but it is outside in a village. In fact it was his next door neigbhours. It has been on the market for two months without one inquiry. If we wanted it, he would give us a great deal. It was a 1 year old large 3 bedroom English tutor house with a nursery painted yellow. The Lord provided exactly what He anointed me to prophecy for. Interestingly the landlord’s sir name was Hunt, which was my Grandmother’s maiden name.

After we arrived in England we learnt that Michelle was pregnant. A couple months after moving into our new home the situation we had been forewarned about in the dream happened. When it became clear that we could not stay there. We went to speak to the national YWAM leaders and to Chris Mitchell’s parents in London. The Mitchell’s  directed us to speak with David Bishop who was their apostolic leader overseeing the southwest. The Lord confirmed this direction with YWAM’s full approval.

The challenge facing us then was that our 6 month rental lease was up on the due date of our first born child. While we were driving around Yeovil we asked the Lord to show us where to live. As we drove on Abbey Manor Park we felt that was the neighbourhood. Then I noticed a house on a specific court and I pointed my finger at the house and prophesied. “Lord, I believe you for a house exactly like that one, but with a south facing garden and a nursery painted yellow.”

We discovered there were two homes to rent in the entire town. One was a house right behind the house we pointed too. It was exactly what we were believing for and it was available to rent on the same day we needed it.

Let me explain to you why the prophecies about the nursery painted yellow. When we lived in Kansas City we were trying to get pregnant for about six months.  During this season Michelle had a dream about us moving into a new house in England. In the dream she went upstairs into the nursery which was filled with new baby furniture and it was painted yellow. In the nursery our friend Daniel Jockovic handed her a calendar.

We interpreted the dream to mean, that in the Lord’s timing we would conceive and we would move to England. The Lord would provide everything right down to the last detail and at the same time she would give birth to our first born son, whom we were to call Daniel. At the same time our ministry in England would begin.

Interestingly, six months after Daniel was born Michelle was up in the nursery when she excitedly called me upstairs. She shared that the picture I just hung up in the nursery that afternoon to her surprise because it was the same picture she saw on the cover of the calendar Daniel had given her in the dream previously.

The Lord often does these kind of things to confirm to us that He is in complete control. For over 30 years in walking with the Lord it has been my conviction to only do what the Father shows me and to only move when He speaks.

This applies to the little things and the big. This has also been a double edged sword because when the Lord speaks we would immediately obey and we would have the  confidence that He would provide. However, it also has meant that when He does not speak we would have to wait, believe and persevere until He speaks.

Although, we had been in the England for 7 months.  Our ministry did not receive favour until we moved to Yeovil under David Bishop’s leadership. In Yeovil our goal at the church was to learn and serve. As a result of our posturing and service David endorsed our ministry. This enabled us to strategically equip and mobilize churches in evangelism all over England.  According to the vision the Lord had given us.

After being in the southwest of England for one year. I asked the Lord one morning where was this inheritance He promised? He instructed me immediately to look in the UK road atlas for a place with my family sir name Byers in it. I found Byers Green, Byers Garth, Edmundbyers and Byermoor all surrounding Durham City.

When we went to a conference in Sunderland six months later with our friend Jim Dore.  We also visited Durham City for the first time. As we entered Durham both Jim and I felt a very exciting church plant.

When we went up to the cathedral the Holy Spirit instructed me to enter a specific door then to walk along one wall. Where I discovered the name of Dean Richard Hunt on a plaque. (Hunt is my grandmothers maiden name as I previously mentioned).

According to wikipedia: The Very Rev Richard Hunt was Dean of Durham from his installation on May 29 (Michelle and my wedding anniversary) 1620 to his death on November 2 1638. The Dean of Durham is the “head” (primus inter pares – first among equals) and chair of the Chapter, the ruling body of Durham Cathedral.

After leaving Durham Cathedral as we walked toward Sadler Street just around the corner from the cathedral grounds I noticed the Salvation Army building on Sadler Street. As soon as I looked at the building I went into an open vision. I saw a 24/7 house of prayer on the second floor, a coffee bar on the ground floor reaching out to university students, I also saw a church plant and the power of the Holy Spirit coming out of the house of prayer impacting the entire region with revival.

We believed that the Lord was indicating that our inheritance was in the city of Durham and in the region surrounding it.

After this we went back to the southwest and as always I waited until there for further direction. I have always had the conviction that I was not to do any thing until the Lord directed me specifically, so we continued with our present direction and waited.

Then about 2 years later the Holy Spirit told me that I would no longer travel itinerantly, but He was going to open up for me a local work. With the next two weeks 5 opportunities became available. 2 churches were looking for a senior pastor, another a youth worker, another part time staff in Barnstaple and another opportunity was to work as an evangelist with Kings Church in Durham.

The pastor of Kings Church Peter Scott had been talking to Ken Gott (who was the apostolic overseer of that congregation) for an evangelist to help them. After meeting me, Ken thought I was the one to work with him in Durham.

This was interesting because when I first saw Ken Gott in Toronto in 1994 the Holy Spirit told me that one day I would work with him. So, we naturally presumed that was the right opportunity.

However, after meeting with the pastor from Kings Church. The pastor did not have peace to proceed. So the door closed.

In my reasoning I thought that within the will of God there is also the will of man. Never the less I was very discouraged. I also thought that I probably talked too much about myself and my vision which may have offended him, so I somewhat blamed myself for being culturally insensitive.

I also reasoned that perhaps God may be doing something different. Instead of giving me divine revelation about this move he must want me to make my own decision. We then chose to move to Barnstaple and come on part time staff at Freedom Fellowship since they were the closest to our DNA.

However, as soon as we moved to Barnstaple our supporters stopped sending donations. Our two year old son Daniel became very sick and hospitalized. At this time my wife Michelle was 6 months pregnant. I lost my grace and wanted to return to Canada.

I told God that if He wanted me to stay in England I would persevere, but we were to go back to Canada it must be for a reason. Did He have something for me to do there? When I asked the Lord about it. He said, “call Dino Andreadis and Dale Bolton and to ask them if they have any thing for us to do if we returned to Canada.”

Dale told me that if I came back to Canada I could plant a Vineyard Church any where north of Toronto and he would support us. Dino said he would like me to become his assistant pastor, so invited me to preach and meet the elders so the elders could vote about accepting me.

So after this confirmation we gave our notification to Freedom Fellowship that after our minimum 6 month commitment there we would be going back to Canada. In reply they released us immediately, so we proceeded to move back to Canada. I thought that in the Lord’s time, He will open up a door for us to return to England. Perhaps, it was not the right time, or with the right people that would facilitate the vision God had given me.

Back home in Canada before the morning service Dino told me that he meet with the deacons the night before and that they were sick and tired of all his talk about prayer and revival. So, he was not sure he was going to stay and since I was just like him, he did not feel like it was going to happen. Never the less, I preached the morning service for Dino’s church. God moved powerfully. However, before the evening service the anointing on my life lifted. I preached that evening completely dry without any anointing.

So, I told Dale I was going to plant a Vineyard Church in Concord. The challenge was that there was no anointing. Then a couple months into starting to gather a leadership team to plant the church group another challenge came to the surface. I began to deeply struggle with anger for the first time since walking with the Lord.

I told Dale Bolton that I needed to lay down the ministry in order to get completely healed. I also said that I would not pick up the ministry again until God completely healed me and initiated my return to ministry. Further more, I would not pray and prophecy over anyone until God completely healed me.

I then went into a very dark time and had many challenges. However, with all my heart I pursued to get inner healing. My vision for England also died for many years.

Because I felt a deep need to receive inner healing myself I decided to lay down the Vineyard church plant in 1998.

I realized that I had suppressed anger from my childhood and for whatever reason the Lord must be bringing it to the surface in order to heal me. So, I decided to lay down the ministry until God completely healed me and He initiated the return back into ministry.

From there we attended the Airport Christian Fellowship for about a year until we moved to Cambridge. While there we attended the Cambridge Vineyard. A leader there named George O’Neil connected me with a counsellor, whom I went to see for several years. I continued to make progress, but it was not until George invited me to attend an inner healing retreat 3.5 years later after these struggles surfaced that I had the biggest breakthrough.

At this inner healing retreat George broke the power of witchcraft that was coming against me. For the first time in 3.5 years I felt whole and free. The next day I attended a service at a church where no one knew me. When I entered the sanctuary the presence of God came over me. I fell on my face and deeply wept on the floor at the back of the church for the entire service. I had not felt the presence of God in over 3.5 years. The prophet who was ministering had me stand up. He prophesied what the Lord was doing in me. At the end of the service he also called me forward to pray and prophecy over people.

Since I felt whole, I believed the Lord was releasing me to minister again. The anointing was turned back on. I prophesied over people, had accurate words of knowledge and saw people healed emotionally and physically as streams of tears ran down my face.

Then I waited for further instruction. The following January 2002 the Lord spoke. He told me, I  am going to release you to preach again in September. In August that year while we were at a family camp when the Holy Spirit said, “the speaker is going to invite you to come to China at the end of the week.” Sure enough he did. So, on the way home I told Michelle, “I think I am going to China.” She said, “thats nice.”

The next day I am just walking around the house and I heard God audibly speak to me, “Go to Beijing China.” The next day a visitor to our church invited me to come to Beijing China in September.

The Lord provided the $5000 we needed for the trip. In China the anointing was back on. It was glorious experience.

Back home I waited for further instruction. Then in January of 2004 the Lord spoke. He told me that when my daughter Destiny was born, He was going to release me back into my destiny, I was to go on a 40 day fast and then after Easter He would release me back into power evangelism.

Two days before Destiny was born February 8, 2004 I got an email asking me to help co-ordinate an event for Todd Bentley called ‘Toronto Ablaze’ based out of the Airport Christian Fellowship.

Sure enough right after Easter. The Lord used me to bring together 11 churches to work together during this 5 day event. We strategized, prayed, equipped and mobilized 300 workers.  We saw over 600 people saved on streets of Toronto through either being physically healed or through word of knowledge prophetic evangelism. I was offered a full time job to do Ablaze events like this one right across Canada. This position was subject to an interview with Todd.

Even though we had great success during this event. Todd’s mother in-law convinced Todd to hire another evangelist instead of me. I was crushed, but I moved on.

A few months afterward we learnt that if we had of moved to Abbottsford to work with Todd we would have been laid off along with 70 other people. Todd laid down the ministry for a season in order to work on his marriage.

I suffered from discouragement, but through out all these challenges whenever I started to seek God with all my heart, the Lord would still speak to me about Durham England. The vision would just would not stay dead.

I was actually getting very frustrated about this because my hope had become so deferred that it was making my heart sick. Then one day I asked the Lord if He really was going to fulfill this vision through me, or raise up another to fulfill it.

The Holy Spirit immediately told me to contact Sharon Stone. I had never spoken to Sharon before, but I had heard while living in England that she had a vision to church plant in Durham. I looked her up online and discovered that she was the apostolic leader over CI Europe and that she was scheduled to preach at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 4 weeks. So I went to the event and meet Sharon there but since she did not have any time then to speak with me she gave me her phone number and encouraged me to call her later.  When I called Sharon I ended up speaking with her husband on the phone who told me that the person I needed to talk to was Rebecca Boke who lived in Durham and he gave me her phone number.

Since there was no release of the Spirit to call Rebecca I waited. Then 3.5 months later at 4:30 in the morning the Holy Spirit said, “Call Rebecca Boke now!” I called her immediately. When I called Rebecca she told me, “that just after the Holy Spirit released her from Durham to relocate to Coventry the phone rang.”

When I shared the vision the Lord had given me. Rebecca shared that it was the same vision the Lord gave her. She told me about how she had been working to bring the church together in the city to pray for a couple years with the goal of 24/7 prayer. She mentioned the significance she felt the Salvation Army building had as a prayer location. She talked about her work with the university students, the coffee bar outreach and the vision God gave her to church plant. The church plant did not happen however, because church leaders in Durham told Sharon Stone that a new plant in the city would be divisive.

In my conversation with Rebecca we felt the Holy Spirit saying that I should come to England to further explore what He was saying. Two weeks later I was there in Durham.

In Durham I visited the Cathedral and stood on Dean Richard Hunt’s grave asking the Father that if this man was truly one of my forefathers that whatever promise He had given him I would receive it.

After this I went to the Salvation Army building on Sadler Street. I saw that the door was ajar, so I entered. I ended up talking to the captains husband who was then 64 years old. As we spoke casually he was deeply moved. I asked him what was the Holy Spirit doing in his heart?

He told me, he was just walking on Sadler Street asking if God was really going to fulfill the vision He gave him for their building. The Lord said, “He was not the one to receive the fulfillment of the vision, but that it would be fulfilled through a younger generation.” This deeply encouraged him.

This man told me he had the same vision I saw 10 years ago. His vision was for a 24/7 house of prayer, coffee bar outreach to university students and regional revival. (He did not however mention anything about a church plant). So I told him about my vision but I left out the part about the church plant. The last thing he said to me was, “that although the Salvation Army owns the building, if it is the Lord’s will, God will give it to me.”

This was a great confirmation to my heart that the Lord was still going to do what He promised.

Over the next couple days I meet with several leaders reasoning that it would be much easier to join an existing work than to start my own to facilitate what God desired.  I had hoped that a door would open up at that time, but in the end of the week there I concluded that this was not yet the Lord’s timing to relocate.

I did however receive some insight and spiritual discernment regarding spiritual climate of the city. I discerned that the ruling principality over the city was was a religious spirit.

This religious spirit over Durham was hindering the church from walking in true unity through creating within the church leadership a fear of loss. The enemy was at work to keep the church weaker through distrust and suspicion of others. He was getting people to focus on their own ministry. Instead of seeing that if they truly worked together in unity the result would be a great harvest.

I became convinced that the only way for breakthrough over this religious spirit was through unity of relationship, prayer and co-operative evangelism. What I am writing about is clearly outlined in the Prayer Evangelism strategy pioneered by Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism in his book “That None Should Perish.” Prayer Evangelism is the most successful city reaching strategy that missiologists have discovered to date.

If the church in any city would realize that if we truly walk in the unity of the spirit through love and co-operation then our prayers would be much more effective. We would see the kingdom truly advance and see many people come to know Jesus and be added unto the Church. The truth is that there is only one church in any city which is made up of many congregations.

When I left Durham I was encouraged that God was going to do what He promised in the future, but more preparation was needed in prayer and in building relational unity. I also thought that the mighty move of God’s spirit that I had seen in the spirit would be spear headed in the future by a new work in the city who would care more about the kingdom than the fear of personal loss.

Concerning the move of God that the Holy Spirit revealed to me. I do not personally care whose name is on this move of God’s spirit or if I am the leader of it. I only care that Jesus receives His inheritance (the souls of men and women) and that I do what He has commanded me to do as a faithful servant.

Many godly saints who are native to a particular area often cannot see the deception that the enemy is doing in the spiritual realm because they have lived in that environment a long time. The enemy lies to us all the time and works to keep us busy within our own situations to stop us from seeing the larger picture. Thats why the Lord often brings in outside help from the wider body of Christ. So, we must not get offended at the truth but rather if we humble ourselves we will receive grace and insight. If we obey the Holy Spirit we will see a much greater breakthrough.

The harvest God wants to bring to England and to all nations is so massive if we would press into what God desires through unified prayer, genuine relational unity and co-operative evangelism.

For whatever reason the Holy Spirit will not release me from the vision He has given me for Durham.

As I returned to Canada from this trip I continued function in my business as a real estate broker. The last 18 years have been difficult as I have been refined and tested. Although, during this long season the Lord has been faithful to sovereignly open up a few doors for me to be encouraged from time to time.

However, in the last few years I entered into a mid life crisis. In an effort to find significance I became focused on material gain and status. I still had a devotional life, but I was not seeking God with all my heart like He called me to.

Then on June 16, 2013 the Lord spoke to me while I was praying. He said to me, “you have lost your first love. Instead of pursuing me, you are pursuing prosperity.”

My heart broke. I called Bob Gal who is the prophetic evangelist who mentored me over 30 years ago. He prayed that God would restore me, but not in weeks, months or years, but that right now God would heal my heart.

Right then, I returned to the Lord with all my heart. God told me to do the things I did before. Which was primarily to seek Him with all my heart every day like He called me too. You need to understand that the anointing and calling on my life is connected to my prayer life. Whole hearted seeking daily is the basis for everything for me and every time I seek God like that the Lord speaks immediately to me about Durham, England.

After seeking God all morning I learnt about a conference that was happening that very day at the Toronto Airport (Now called Catch the Fire). Just five minutes in the door I bumped into Ken Gott. I told Ken that all the Lord had revealed to me He will do. I do not know how, or with whom, or when, but I know He will do it.

Since June this year the Lord has been speaking to me in dreams a lot during this season. I must have crossed the date line. As an older man instead of visions, I get more dreams. I keep dreaming of receiving favour from apostolic leaders in North America and England who want me to help them to church plant and assist them in advancing the kingdom.

A couple years ago the Holy Spirit connected me with a man named William Byng who leads the Burn Prayer monthly event in Durham. Through William I learned that in Durham the Salvation Army started ‘Sanctuary 21’  in their building on Sadler Street with a goal of 24/7 prayer.

William also told me about an inter church co-operative monthly outreach called ‘Healing On the Streets.’ This has really encouraged me that God is beginning to fulfill what He has shown me.

William also said that due to house of prayer and the healing on the streets the spiritual climate in Durham is changing. Leaders are starting to desire to work together in unity and truly advance the kingdom.

On November 25, 2013 another very significant thing occurred while I was listening to the International House of Prayer web stream. As I heard prayer requests going up for England. I decided to fully engage. As I prayed I became gripped by the Spirit of Prayer.

It was such a powerful time of prayer that I decided to watch it again. The second time watching it I noticed that the prayer leader looked just like Rebecca Boke Neely (perhaps it was her or simply someone who looks just like her) who was the first prayer leader praying for justice and the ending of human trafficking in the Midlands (England) amongst minors. Rebecca was the same young woman (now married to Scott Neely) whom the Holy Spirit connected me with in Durham several years before.

During this prayer session there was a very significant prophetic release. It was prophesied that God is going to bring a revival and awakening that will be greater than what John Wesley, George Whitefield and Smith Wigglesworth in England through the Spirit of Prayer.

Furthermore, it was prophesied that if you believe that God hears your prayer and that He will act at the sound of your voice. He will do it. If you ask for awakening. He will do it. If you ask for a Spirit of Prayer. He will do it. There was a real release of faith to believe. As I cried out to the Lord for this, I received the Spirit of Prayer and awakening.

Since November 25 I have been gripped by the Spirit of Prayer day and night to pray for revival and awakening in England. I have utilizing this archived prayer session from IHOP KC lead by Julie Meyer by praying along with it regularly. I am also taking steps of faith knowing that God is going to do everything He promised.

On my HOME blog section of this site you can find a link to this prayer session from IHOP KC. However, if your interested in listening to it now here is the link: I usually listen and join in the prayer meeting just before the middle of the recording at the 59:43 mark when a key prayer request went up for England.

In December 2013 the Holy Spirit also brought further confirmation and direction. My two teenagers Daniel and Faith started to go to a new youth group at Bethel Gospel Tabernacle (which is not our local church) in Hamilton. When I was dropping them off and picking them up there was a young leader named Val whom the Holy Spirit was highlighting to me. By highlighting I mean that when I looked at her briefly that Holy Spirit started to talk to me about her life. Shortly after this I was at a Transformation Hamilton meeting. The man I was sitting next too shared with me that he was the janitor as Bethel and his daughter was a youth leader there. I knew in the Spirit that his daughter was Val. This was true,  so I shared with him what I saw in his daughter, which brought him to tears.

Later that week I had my first conversation with Val at Bethel. I learned that her fiancee Steve Harris was studying to get his PHD at a University in England. The Holy Spirit told me that it was Durham University. Which was true, in fact Val shared that he was there right now and is staying with the Durham Vineyard pastor who planted his church in the Salvation Army building on Sadler Street.

Thats right, a church was planted within the Salvation Army building. Which is one of the things I saw in my open vision over 20 years ago. This did not make sense to me until now.

The pastors of Durham Vineyard are Peter and Tina MacLellan. They moved to Durham in 2006 and some time later they planted the church. Although they only have a small amount of people in their congregation. God has used Peter to lead the Durham Christian Partnership which is facilitating about 500 Christians from about 100 different congregations in the region to reach out in many practical ways in the city of Durham like Healing On the Streets, 26 regional food banks, Street Lights which walk the street every Friday night helping people practically, etc. Could this be the new work in the city that I had felt was needed to spear head what God wanted years ago? I believe it is.

Encouraged in my spirit I spoke with Peter MacLellan several times after this on the phone and I know the Lord is truly connecting us. I have also talked to William Byng who leads the Burn Prayer events in Durham about this and I believe we are all in faith, so we will see what the Lord will do.

Please remember that no one congregation or movement can reach a city or a nation. God often brings outside help and uses all our different strengths together to accomplish what He wants. When we pray and work together without selfish ambition we can do the greater things that are in His humble heart.

Isn’t it just like the Lord to use the smallest in the tribe the lead the army into battle. The Lord will use leaders who care more about advancing God’s kingdom than their own gain. I believe Peter MacLellan and William Byng are two of God’s strategic leaders in the city that God has called me to walk with.

I know that God is calling us to go back to England. He has been speaking to me daily about this saying that He is sending me back to that nation. Act 7:35 “So God sent back the same man his people had previously rejected…”

What is on my heart is to serve the church in Durham and join what God is already doing there that is building unity through prayer and outreach. My hope is that God will use us and in some way be a catalyst for revival and awakening in that region.

God has promised an inheritance of souls and we are believing that God in His time will release us to see the fulfilment of what He has promised.

Throughout that last 2 decades when I kept asking God when he would release me to go back to Durham. He would encourage me with the example of Abraham. God made Abram a promise when he was 75 years old but he did not receive the promise of a son through his wife Sarah until he was 100.

The Lord has repeatedly told me that like Abraham. When it would be 25 years since he first spoke audibly to me regarding England that I would be going to England. Furthermore, a prophetic sign he has given me during my entire walk of 35 years in the number 777. I recently learn that we are now in the Jewish year 5777.

In November 2016 I got a notice from my work that my job that the plant hired me for is not going to work out long term, so they are letting me go. I was thinking about my wife and what I was going to do and the Holy Spirit said to me, Listen to the Father.

I asked the Father what he wanted and He said, Go to England and he put in my heart to go for 3 months, but 3 separate trips of 1 month each. This has been confirmed through Godly counsel. I decided to get a Skype local Durham phone number. Can you guess what number I got? It’s 0191 645 5777. 

So now in January 2017 at the time of this latest update I am here in Durham England on my first trip.  I am being hosted by the Durham Vineyard. While I am here I have been praying at the 24/7 house of prayer here called Sanctuary21, building relationships with the people at the Durham Vineyard and reaching out in the outreaches they are doing in the community. So far 3 people have prayed to receive Jesus and we have seen a couple people receive a healing touch from Jesus.

The Lord has brought further insight regarding the coffee bar out to university students that I saw in the vision 20 years ago. Having prayed about this for 20 years I have always had the feeling that the cafe would be in the shop next to the Salvation Army building. I also felt that the cafe would be a sort of Spirit Cafe. A Spirit Cafe is a type of outreach that ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit to people who are spiritually seeking. It uses terms that non believers identify with. For example they call prophetic ministry “Spiritual Readings.” Believe it or not many people who are not Christians line up for this type of experience and end up getting saved and healed as a result.

It turns out that this shop I felt that would be used for the cafe that is next to the Salvation Army building is actually owned by the Salvation Army and they are looking for a new tenant to move in September 2017. Philip Le Dune who is a friend of mine, who lives here in the Durham area has already started 2 Spirit Cafe’s in the North East. (See Philip also knows a lot of students who also desire to start a Spirit Cafe in Durham, so we are praying into that.

Please keep me and the work that Jesus is doing in Durham in prayer and I will continue to keep the updates coming. To stay tuned just follow my site?


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