About Peter Byers

Peter Byers a prophetic evangelist who is passionate about equipping believers to live a supernatural lifestyle. To raise up mature sons and daughters that would be so filled with God’s love, presence and power that they would see people come into relationship with Jesus supernaturally through the gospel and with signs and wonders following everywhere they go 24-7.

Peter teaches key biblical foundational truths.  Like knowing our true identity as sons and daughters who are deeply loved by God our Father. How to host the Holy Spirits presence. How to recognize His voice, see and love others with God’s love.

Teaching on the finished work of the cross, the believers authority, the kingdom of heaven. How to move in the gifts of Holy Spirit, prophecy, heal and deliver others. How to share God’s heart and truth in love in order to see people come into relationship with Jesus everywhere they go.

His ministry involves consulting leaders and helping them developing outreach initiatives based upon individual, small groups and churches vision and resources. The equipping is meant to mobilize individuals and teams for lifestyle, event and sustainable ongoing outreach initiatives that are local, city wide and cross cultural.

Peter has been equipping and helping churches from many different streams and denominations to develop new outreach initiatives in lifestyle, prayer, creative, prophetic and power evangelism since 1988.

Peter makes himself available to assist other churches in the area of evangelism. If you are interested in having Peter help your congregation either short or long term, or if you would like to invite Peter to come as a special speaker please feel free to contact him to discuss whatever is on your heart.

Peter ministers with accurate words of knowledge, words of wisdom and prophetic revelation from the Father’s heart for the church and for those who do not know Jesus yet. He constantly steps out in faith to pray for the sick everywhere he goes and is seeing people healed and drawn closer to Jesus.

Peter is believing for sons and daughters to be raised up who know their God and do great exploits. Being both end time revivalists to the church and prophetic evangelists to the world in order to bring in a great harvest of lost people into the church before Jesus returns.

Peter received his training through Masters College (formerly Eastern Pentecostal Bible College) in Peterborough, Queensway Cathedral’s Missions Institute in Toronto, Youth With A Missions (YWAM) Discipleship Training School in Los Angeles and School of Evangelism in Honolulu.

In the past Peter was a staff evangelist with the Toronto Vineyard, Crossfire Assembly in Hamilton and an intern at Metro Vineyard in Kansas City with Mike Bickle’s leadership team and has been an itinerate minister for many years.

Peter and his wife Michelle have lived and ministered in Canada, the United States and England. They also have led and participated on international outreaches in Europe, Africa and Asia resulting in seeing thousands of people coming to Jesus.

As an equipping evangelist Peter has helped congregations from many different streams start new evangelistic initiatives. Helping them to become more effective at reaching the lost.

Peter is available to minister at local churches, YWAM, ministry schools and Houses of Prayer. Peter is also interested in raising up local and international teams that would like to work with him.

His ministry model involves prayer, strategic equipping and outreach.



Prayer is the foundation of the ministry both personally and in agreement with prayer ministries locally and internationally. Our prayer focus is know God and walk in intimate relationship with Him.

Then to make Him known by praying for the release of labourers into the harvest field and for the release of the Holy Spirit’s convicting, saving, delivering and healing power upon those who don’t know Him yet.

25% of our time is spent in prayer, 25% of our time is spent doing outreach and 50% of our time is engaged in discipling team members and those we led to Jesus. We are partnering with local churches, houses of prayer and other ministries internationally.


We equip believers how to share the gospel.

How to develop creative strategies which meet felt needs of non-believers that will build a relational bridge in order to introduce them to Jesus.

How to reach people from other cultures and religious backgrounds.

How to move in prophetic evangelism which is being lead in physical directions, towards specific people and in specific wisdom of what to do and say.

How to move in power evangelism healing the sick and casting out demons.

How to reach your city through prayer evangelism and outreach.


Outreach is done after prayer and equipping. We go out on the streets, target specific events or locations and seek to share the good news of God’s love and salvation in power.


We also help to facilitate bringing together local churches and ministries to do city wide outreach events like we have done in the past for an event called Toronto Ablaze.

Where we brought together 11 churches and ministries for a 5 day event. 300 believers were equipped and empowered. We then went out to predetermined sites around the participating churches target markets. As a result we saw 600 people came to Jesus on the street’s mainly by being healed or through prophetic evangelism.

Acts News Network documented the prayer activity that was happening across the nation at the same time we had our event which resulted in a fruitful spiritual atmosphere for evangelism. See Acts News Network story called Toronto A Sign of What is Come.

Peter lives with his wife Michelle and their three children Daniel, Faith and Destiny in Caledonia, Ontario, CANADA.


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