GO 24-7 Explained

My name is Peter Byers and I lead GO 24-7. The ministry is focused on equipping and mobilizing believers in prayer, love and power to reach those who need Jesus everywhere we go 24-7 with signs and wonders following.

I teach on how to live a lifestyle of intimacy with God. When sons and daughters know how good God is and how much they are loved. They will seek to be in God’s presence as the number one priority in their lives. This leads to a lifestyle of being continually filled, saturated and overcome with God’s loving presence day and night.

From the place of being in God’s presence, we become focused on God’s love for us and His love for others. Out of love we share the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done for us. Then we begin to be moved with compassion, as we step out in love and faith and offer to pray for people who are sick and hurting. The more we step out in faith, the more we see people healed. We begin to see people from the Father’s perspective of love. When we share with people God’s loving thoughts towards them it touches their hearts and draws them closer to Jesus. My passion is to see people healed and restored into right relationship with God and have them brought into God’s loving family everywhere we go 24-7.

I teach practically and model how to hear God’s voice, how to be led by the Holy Spirit in physical directions, towards specific people and receive specific wisdom of what to do or say. How to see, hear and perceive prophetically past, present and future things in peoples lives. These are expressions of the gift of prophecy in action. I also teach believers how to heal the sick. All the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for every believer, the gifts operate by love and are exercised in faith.

LOVE ON HAMILTON is a ministry that is lead by a young evangelist called Katie Nicole. I am now a regular participant with this team ministry.  The team meets every week on Tuesdays in downtown Hamilton to pray at 6pm and do outreach from 8-10pm to share Jesus love and power everywhere. We regularly see people saved and healed as we share the good news about Jesus and offer to pray for people.

There is a variety of ages in this group, some are my age, some are older, but most of them including our leader are in their early 20’s.  It is exciting to see Jesus raise up young leaders who are leading the way.  I have been doing the Jesus stuff before most of them were born, but I am learning and receiving encouragement from each team member. We all have so much to learn from each other while we are all doing the Jesus stuff together. Within this group I am hoping to see leaders raised up for a city wide initiative I have a vision for called Love Hamilton 24-7.

LOVE HAMILTON 24-7 is a citywide prayer and outreach event which is designed to be a catalyst that unites congregations and ministries across the city to see more prayer and outreach take place within our city. I desire to do this in relationship with the local churches and other ministries along with the Firebase Movement

The Firebase Movement is in several major US cities. Within these cities the Firebase Movement is bringing together about 100 local congregations, provides training and then launches a citywide outreach with about 1000 participants who do worship, prayer and outreach 24 hours around the clock for 7 to 10 days. This results in many people getting saved, healed and added to the church. The Firebase Movement leaders are in support of me coordinating an event like this in Hamilton in 2018. There is still a lot of practical ground work to be done in preparation for this to happen, so I will share more of the details about that in future posts.

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