I am presently looking into the potential of coordinating a city wide outreach for our city called “Love Hamilton 24-7.” This outreach model that has been implemented in the United States in several cities namely: The Twin Cities, New York, Dallas-Forth Worth, Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles under the leadership of the Firebase Movement. The leaders of this movement have invited me to an intern and see how they operate at a citywide outreach. There is one this week in Minneapolis and St. Paul June 18-27. The other outreach this year is Love LA 24-7. As an intern I would need to be at the Los Angeles outreach from Oct 21 to November 4, 2017. My hope and vision is to see this outreach movement come to Hamilton.

The strategy is focused on unity amongst the congregations within the city, bringing together believers from participating congregations and ministries. Providing training in prayer and teaching people how to share the gospel in power and follow up with discipleship. After the training bootcamp (8 weeks) a citywide outreach is coordinated around a firebase which combines 24 hours of around clock worship, prayer and strategic outreaches all over the city for 7 to 10 days. When 24 hour prayer and evangelism happen together it mobilizes the church (800-1000 believers) and releases the kingdom of God to come in power resulting in many people getting saved and added to the church.

The ultimate goal is to see 24-7 worship, prayer and outreach increase throughout the whole year in Hamilton. I am also desiring to motivate, equip and assist churches implement prayer and regular outreaches leading up to and beyond the city wide event in order to see continued momentum in people coming to Jesus and added to His family.


Previously, I was on staff as an evangelist with a congregation in Hamilton. I also have experience in coordinating a city wide outreach. In 2004 I brought together 11 different congregations for a 5 day event with 300 participants. The outreach was called Toronto Ablaze and I was hired by Todd Bentley’s Ministry to led the outreach initiative. I did the training in the mornings along with my leadership team, we set up the afternoon outreaches, coordinated leaders and teams, transportation, implementation and follow up. Todd did miracle services in the evenings at the host church.

This outreach resulted in over 600 decisions for Jesus on the streets. Many of these people were brought to Jesus by hearing the gospel, receiving physical healing’s and words of knowledge that revealed the love of the Father to them. At the same time as the 5 day outreach there was a 12 day around the clock worship and prayer initiative going on in Toronto to counter the spiritual effect of the planned Dalai Lama’s spiritual ritual that was scheduled that same week. We prayed into these events for about 3 months. United prayer was the major key to this breakthrough. An online documentary that featured the prayer initiative and our outreach in Toronto can be viewed at the Acts News Network featured story “Toronto a sign of what is to come.”


In Hamilton we already have a unity movement called True City and a 24-7 house of prayer ministry called the Greater Ontario House of Prayer. This house of prayer has been functioning for 15 years and usually goes 30-40 hours a week in prayer. However, after the True City Festival annually, we go 24-7 with prayer for 2 weeks. There is also several groups of believers and ministries who go out on the streets every week. Resulting in people getting saved and healed regularly. You can see one of the teams activities on Facebook at Love on Hamilton


I am looking to network with ministries in our city and outside the area to advise and help. Like Hal Linhardt  the Evangelism Director at International House of Prayer in Kansas City and many other ministries. The plan also involves reaching out to other evangelists to come and join us for the annual event. If we had several hundred (200-300) evangelists come to Hamilton that would greatly assist us. Evangelist’s love to reach the lost and they are specifically gifted at it. Practically this may require churches to provide housing, meals and transportation for evangelists who will come from outside the area.


As a prophetic evangelist I have equipped churches in: prayer, how to share the gospel in power, heal the sick, minister prophetically, be lead by the Holy Spirit in physical directions, towards specific people and receive specific wisdom in what to do and say.

I have strategically assisted churches in developing new outreach initiatives to reach children, youth, young adults, families and senior citizens.  With many creative relational strategies, door to door ministry, power evangelism on the streets and participation in local community events.

I have ministered in Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglican, Charismatic, Apostolic, Vineyard, House Churches and with para-church organizations like Youth With A Mission and Fresh Fire.  I would also recruit other leaders to assist in the ongoing training.


My wife Michelle and I have been long term missionaries and we have participated and led short term teams to the United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, The Philippines, Nepal, England, France, Germany and Uganda. Through these outreach’s we have seen over 16,000 decisions for Jesus.


Are you interested in seeing 24-7 worship, prayer and outreach happen in Hamilton or perhaps in your own city? Then check out The Firebase Movement and consider going to Love Twin Cities 24-7 from June 18-27 with me or assist me to go?  To know more about how to get involved through prayer, financial support, inviting me to speak at your church or just get to know each other then please contact me for details?


Peter Byers

905 719 7771 Skype: peter.a.byers

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