Durham England Mission 2017

To understand the significance of what Jesus is doing now concerning this Durham England Mission 2017 please check out my blog Call to England which will give you the prophetic history up to this time.

However, to quickly bring you up to speed. I will share with you in this post that it was 20 years ago when I came to Durham England the first time, that I received an open vision concerning what the Father was going to do in Durham in the future.

20 years ago when I looked at the Salvation Army building at 49 Sadler Street I was taken into an open vision where I saw: a 24/7 House of Prayer on the 2nd floor of the building, a coffee bar outreach to university students and a church plant within the building. I also saw the power of God come down from the house of prayer that impacted the entire region with revival and awakening.

Today, I am here in Durham England 20 years later.  Where I am being hosted by the Durham Vineyard which planted a church within the Salvation Army building in 2007. Also, while I am here I am praying in the 24/7 house of prayer in the Salvation Army building which is called Sanctuary21.  This is the same 24-7 prayer ministry which I saw in the same vision years before it came to be.

My focus on this mission is to build relationships and be involved in what the Father is doing here along site the Durham Vineyard. Besides praying and building relationship I am participating in the outreaches they are doing in the community. So far I have lead 3 people in prayer to receive Jesus and have seen a couple people receive physical healing. It is a small beginning, but it is a beginning.

The Lord has also brought further insight regarding the coffee bar outreach to university students that I saw in the vision 20 years ago. Having prayed about this for 20 years I have always had the feeling that the cafe would be in the shop next to the Salvation Army building. I also felt that the cafe would be a sort of Spirit Cafe.

A Spirit Cafe is a type of outreach that ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit to people who are spiritually seeking. It uses terms that non believers identify with. For example they call prophetic ministry “Spiritual Readings.” Believe it or not many people who are not Christians line up for this type of experience and end up getting saved and healed as a result.

It turns out that this shop I felt that would be used for the cafe that is next to the Salvation Army building and it is actually owned by the Salvation Army and they are looking for a new tenant to move in September 2017.

I have learned that my friend Philip Le Dune who lives in the Durham area and has already started 2 Spirit Cafe’s in the North East and he knows a lot of students who desire to start a Spirit Cafe in Durham, so we are praying into that. Check out his site for further information about it at Spiritcafe.uk.

Since you are reading this. Please let me ask you to keep me and the work that Jesus is doing in Durham in prayer and stay tuned in by following my site?

Again, if you would like to read the more of the prophetic history concerning my call to England then click the tab Call to England for a more detailed account?

Jesus is on the move in Durham. Hey Jesus.

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