Does the church get raptured before the 7 year tribulation or at the end? This is an extremely important Biblical study. Most of the evangelical church in the western world believes the rapture will happen before. Which was the doctrinal position I held too until most of the prophets I met believed other wise. This deeply disturbed me until I had a prophetic experience that took me into the future where I witnessed the joy, love and power of the Holy Spirit that will be upon the end time church that will make us unstoppable, loving not our lives even unto death. This vision gave me tremendous faith and took away all my fear.

Mike Bickle founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City gives an overview of the book of Revelation that outlines a Biblical perspective that is worth our consideration. This is an extremely important overview that will give you insight and perspective. I encourage to watch the video and download the PDF overview by Mike. Please study the scriptures to see if what you believe is correct? You could be wrong? We need to hear what the Spirit is saying. Please study the scriptures for yourself and let me know your thoughts?

Overview of Book of Revelation by Mike Bickle Video

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