Awakening in England prophecy through the Spirit of Prayer

At the International House of Prayer in Kansas City there was a powerful breakthrough in the Holy Spirit during an intercession session led by Julie Meyer that was archived on November 25, 2013. It was prophesied that a revival and awakening is coming to England that is going to be greater than John Wesley, George Whitefield and Smith Wigglesworth. This awakening is going to be released through the Spirit of Prayer. The Holy Spirit emphasized that there are houses of prayer that are arising and fires that are starting all over the land and in Europe through prayer. We are also exhorted to watch Britain and told that America will not be forgotten.

There is a powerful release of the Spirit of Prayer and faith to believe God. The Holy Spirit said, “That if you cry out for the Spirit of Prayer He would give it. If you cry out for awakening you will receive it”.

During this prayer session I was gripped by the Spirit of Prayer (which is the Holy Spirit) and I received the His empowerment to pray (Gal 4:6, Rom 8:26, Zech 12:10). Since being touched by the Spirit of Prayer in this way I have been praying almost non stop since then for awakening and revival in England.  I am confident that if you will watch this session and cry out to God, He will touch you as well. I have listened to this session and prayed along with it over and over again. It is a catalyst for awakening. The prophecy starts at 1:10 into recording and the Holy Spirit accelerates what He is saying right up to the end.

If you want to receive awakening and the Spirit of Prayer? I urge you to click on link below and watch and pray through the whole session. You will receive a Spirit of Prayer with faith to believe for awakening as you cry out for it. Revival is coming soon, it is scheduled in the Spirit for Britain.  Watch, pray, receive.


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