Ministry begins by a consultation that can be done over the phone, Skype or in person. This provides you an opportunity to get to know Peter Byers personally and for him to hear your heart.

The goal is then to assess what you have done in the past that has been successful and what has not worked evangelistically. To learn what your hopes and vision is for the future.

Then together we can hear what God is saying about how we can equip and mobilize your local church or ministry into much greater fruitfulness in reaching the lost and adding them to the church.

We will discuss a strategy of how to strengthen what God is already doing and how to start new initiatives based upon the vision and resources of your own people.



First we want strengthen individuals devotional prayer lives, igniting passion and hunger to seek God will all their hearts daily as the main pursuit of their lives.


Catching the vision and passion to pray for everyone, everywhere, all the time as a lifestyle.


Corporately stirring up faith and hunger to pray together in agreement to see massive results. We want to see your prayer meetings grow in power and in participation with your people.


We want to introduce a strategy called Prayer Evangelism that was pioneered by Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism. By sharing this city and nation transformation strategy our objective is to see pastors and Christian leader receive this vision to see their communities transformed.

This strategy has seen communities and nations go from a very small percentage of Christians to more than 45% born again.

This is done through developing unity of relationship amongst Christian leaders throughout the community and region. By building relationships, caring for and praying in unity for breakthrough.

Then holding city wide worship events.

Refocusing or planting prayer cell groups that adapt a prayer strategy of systematically praying for every home around them.

Teaching and Practicing Prayer Evangelism Principals

  1. Blessing everyone where ever you go.
  2. Fellowshipping with not yet believers.
  3. Praying for and meeting felt needs of the lost.
  4. Sharing the gospel.

Strategic prayer over the city and region is done by mature intercessors as church in the city is unified and every home is systematically saturated in prayer.

After strategic prayer we carry out city wide evangelism events. Our team and apostolic network can help facilitate this.



Practical outreach strategies are communicated for all 7 streams of evangelism which are for Children, Teens, Young Adults, Family, The Streets, Door to Door and for Seniors.

After the congregation hears many exciting and practical ways they can reach out to each stream. People are encouraged to indicate which stream they feel most called toward and the end of the message.

Then we a have a strategy development session with everyone who is interested along with the leadership team. Where we hear what is on the hearts of the people. Together with the leadership I facilitate this meeting.

Together we hear their ideas and find out who else would be interested in their strategies. We brain storm together. If the leadership approves then we could help to facilitate this new evangelism strategy to get it up and going.

My experience has shown that people will strengthen existing ministries and start new ones based upon peoples own vision and passion. The goal is to have more labourers for the harvest. Resulting in lost people coming to Jesus and being added to the local church.


People will be equipped on how to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit in evangelism in words of knowledge, words of wisdom and in prophetic revelation.

Based upon the Biblical model of Jesus, Philip, Ananias, Paul, Peter and illustrated by myself. You will see how the Holy Spirit directs us:

  1. In physical directions
  2. Toward specific people
  3. In wisdom of what to do and say

The Holy Spirit speaks the same way he did in the Bible through:

Impressions, the still small voice, circumstances, scripture, physical pain in your body that is not yours, dreams, visions, angels and by speaking audibly.

The most common way the Holy Spirit speaks to us on a daily basis is through impressions. When you receive an impression that comes with conviction (a strong feeling that the Holy Spirit may be speaking to you).  All you do is step out in faith on that impression.

Immediate obedience and being willing to be wrong are both keys to growing in effectiveness in prophetic evangelism.

For example if you feel an impression that you are to witness to someone in particular. Simply step out in faith and approach the individual by being friendly. Initiate a conversation by saying “hi”.  If the Holy Spirit empowers your conversation naturally without striving then it was Him. If the Holy Spirit does not give you the words to say, simply say “have a great day” and move on.

The more you step out in faith the more you will learn to recognize His voice in every area of life.

To equip believers we teach from scripture and share personal experiences,  so your people will be encouraged and grow in faith.

There will also be times of impartation, personal ministry and activation to everyone following the teaching. As a result people will be empowered to witness.


I will share my life vision of seeing end time forerunners living and moving in apostolic power in seeing people saved and healed everywhere they go like Peter the apostle experienced in Acts 5.  People will be encouraged to press in for this with all their hearts.

We will teach people how to function in spiritual gifts, heal the sick and cast out demons. Through teaching and impartation our goal is to have your people exercising spiritual gifts like words of knowledge and praying for the sick in Jesus name and seeing them healed.


After prayer and teaching we always do outreach locally as the spirit directs.

Weekly outreaches are established based upon the strategy that the Lord raises up with your own people.

Large city wide events can be planned and implemented with the assistance of our apostolic network.

Short term missions team experiences will be made available to further mobilize your people to get involved in the great commission.


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